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    giant teddy

    People Dance inside Giant Teddy Bears!

    What do you do with the Giant Teddy Bears from the Ekka? Cut them open, empty the stuffing, jump inside and dance? If that wasn’t your answer you need...


    Family Show Birthday Book

    Wish someone special a happy birthday! Just fill in their details below and listen to The Family Show – Monday to Friday at around 7.10am on their birthday to...


    Become a ‘Family Friend’

    Family Friends are our close circle of financial partners who commit to give a gift to 96five each month, ensuring we’re able to meet the ongoing running costs of...


    Talking Life: Keeping Kids Safe Online

    Talking Life's Peter Janetski talks about keeping kids safe online, and with the use of new technology.


    Toddler With GoPro Plays Hide and Seek

    There is nothing that gives parents more joy than watching the world through their child’s eyes. And there’s nothing more toddlers love than playing hide and seek.


    Australian Meerkats Take Their First Steps Outside

    What is it about baby wild animals being so cute we want to have them as pets? Right now after watching this adorable Meerkat video, I’m suddenly picturing wanting...


    WIN: Sea World VIP Family Pass

    All this week we’re giving away VIP Family Passes to check out Sea World’s most amazing new family attraction, Nickelodeon Land. Tune in during the Family Show 6-9am and during...


    Changes to the 96five Program Line Up

    Feb 2016 has seen a few changes to the 96five program line up that many are excited about. Robbie is joined by new comer Steve in the Family Show...