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Family Worship

  • Family Worship Podcast: Change

    Change is often one of those concepts we think is great, as long as its happening for other people. That said in this age the...

  • Family Worship Podcast: 10 Commandments

    Pastor Ray Hurley, from The Rock Church in Annerley this week shares about the 10 Commandments and how he has found these rules helped him...

  • Christmas Family Worship Podcast

    Richard Fay brings us the Christmas message in this special Christmas edition of Family Worship.

  • Relationship with God

    Sn Pastor Allan Morris – Shilo Church Goodna Redbank Plains Enoch and what we can learn for ourselves about his relationship with God.

  • Family Worship Podcast

    Richard Fay from Rochedale Baptist Church talks about What the book of James says about Sin and how to get around it.