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Introducing…Cheer Squad 2017!

Does your sports team need a cheer squad?

Nominate your team now for 96five’s cheer squad with Duke the DJ Dog!

Every weekend during the month of May, Duke the DJ Dog and his Cheer Squad will be attending local Brisbane games, cheering both teams along and providing players on both sides a prize (with some other freebies thrown in along the way).

If you would like a personal cheer squad (including a seven foot, fluffy, personable canine) at your team’s game in May, fill out the paperwork below and submit it using the electronic form below, or emailing all of the paperwork to Duke’s personal assistant at

Part of your team’s nomination will need to include signed permission from your coach/team/manager inviting us to visit your game.

At the start of each week in May, Ken, Nicky & Steve will call the lucky team member who nominated their team.

How to nominate your team!

What you need to:

Send through your nomination by either:

1. Filling in the below form, attaching the completed/signed Authority Form


2. Emailing completed Nomination and signed Authority Form to

Cheer Squad - Nomination Form

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