Afternoons with Pete Hill

Pete Hill started his radio career two weeks after finishing Year 12, when Wally Lewis was still The Emperor of Lang Park, JBP was Premier and the Big Pineapple just seemed that little bit bigger.  The long and short of it is, Pete brings a wealth of radio experience to the 96five on-air team! Pete, or ‘Mr QLD’ as he is widely known in the digital space, loves everything Brisbane and is passionate about showcasing and publicising our city as being the best city in the world. As such, Pete is a massive on-air advocate of charitable causes happening in and around south east QLD and loves helping families out with ideas for what to do on the weekend and holidays, and providing information about what events are up and coming.

No topic is off limits for Pete, and during Afternoons on 96five you will hear hints and tips on everything from lifestyle, to recipes, fashion, dining and all sorts of other stuff. Pete’s hope is that people would continue to realise just how much of a special place the River City is and to look after what we have. We need to wake up each morning and be grateful and thankful for how good we have it living in this wonderful place.

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