20 Great things to do with the kids

By 96five Wednesday 5 Jul 201796five Mornings

Ken, Nicky and Steve have come together to give you twenty great things to do with the kids at home or around Brisbane. Best of all they’ve made sure they are all either free or very cheap.

1. Make sock puppets
2. Make a home movie
3. Start a collection
4. Make a card house
5. Wash the car with Water Pistols
6. Have a game of soccer at the park
7. Go yabby hunting
8. Give sewing a go
9. See how milk is made (Visit Maleny Dairies)
10. Throw the Frisbee
11. Climb Trees
12. Grab a scooter and head around local bike tracks
13. Camp overnight in the Backyard
14. Explore your neighbourhood on Bike
15. Build an indoor cubby house
16. Play catch
17. Play a round of miniature golf (putt-putt)
18. Take a ride on a CityCat
19. Make a giant pinball table in a steep driveway
20. Have a ‘camp-out’ inside

We hope that you are able to find a few things that your kids would love to do. Check out some people giving them a go below…

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