Ilija chats to 2017 Aussie Of The Year

By Christie MannTuesday 31 Jan 2017

2017 Australian Of The Year chats to 96five

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim 2017 Australian of the Year.

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim 2017 Australian of the Year. Image Credit:

Australia Day saw Queensland scientist and researcher Alan Mackay-Sim awarded Australian of the Year. The honour follows his groundbreaking work in the area of spinal cord regeneration, described as the equivalent of the moon landing.

96five’s Ilija caught up with Professor Mackay-Sim to chat about the hope that his work gives to those with spinal cord injuries and if that famous mustache has a life of it’s own!

To listen to the interview broadcast on 96five earlier this week click the sound link below. To read more about Professor Mackay-Sim’s work visit the official Australian of the Year honor roll.


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