KNS: School Struggles Podcast

By Kathryn RichmondFriday 3 Mar 201796five Breakfast

Ken, Nicky and Steve spoke about the struggle many kids are facing at school.

There is a lot of pressure on kids to perform at high levels at school, regardless of each child’s academic intelligence. The team spoke to parents whose children were not performing to the rigid standards enforced by the current curriculum.

Ken, Nicky and Steve, encouraged Melissa, who took her autistic son out of NAPLAN testing to ease the overwhelming stress it was placing on him.

Kylie, a mother of four, spoke of the unique learning differences in her children and encouraged listeners to support the individual paths our children make.

“Some people are going to be fantastic tradies. Some people are going to be fantastic musicians. Some are going to be amazing artists, and some are going to be truly academic.”

God has designed every kid with a unique set of skills and He has a great plan for each kid. 96five celebrates differences. Steve put the relationship between trying hard and still accepting little disappointments along the way in simple terms,

“Do your best, but don’t live by it.”

Success is knowing who we are in God. If you missed the segment, listen to the full podcast here.

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