Breakfast @ Michael & Michelle’s Place

By Kathryn RichmondFriday 10 Mar 201796five Breakfast

Ken, Nicky and Steve joined the Ceguerra family for a gourmet breakfast this morning! They discussed weddings, sheds and even did the morning school run.

Ken, Nicky and Steve broadcasted ‘Breakfast @ Your Place’ live from Michelle and Michael’s beautiful acreage in the quiet suburb of Munruben. Their daughters Minnie, Lainee and all their friends loved wrestling on the boxing ring, while mum and dad relaxed as the chefs from Vanilla Zulu cooked up a storm with mouth-watering Bacon and Eggs.

The team had an great morning and the kids had a blast playing hide and seek with the added excitement of playing with other Brisbane kids over the radio.


Michael and Michelle also got a chance to talk on air with Ken, Nicky and Steve. They discussed everything from bridesmaid dresses to Michael mowing the lawn for 4 hours by hand!


However, it wasn’t long until the smell of breakfast distracted Ken, Nicky and Steve and they began fighting over who would get the biggest piece of bacon.

It was another fun morning for the 96Five team. Don’t forget to nominate your home for the next ‘Breakfast @ Your Place’.


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