Burrowes State School:
School Excursion

By 96five Friday 14 Jul 201796five Breakfast

Article written by 96five Intern – Alec Camplin

Ken, Nicky and Steve headed out to Burrowes State School in Marsden for their first ‘School Excursion’ for term 3.

The Burrowes school community of nearly 800 students enjoyed a morning of fun with jumping castles, mini tennis and fantastic food alongside the live broadcast. The School Excursion came at a great time as the school celebrates their 30th Anniversary, and is just one of a number of ways the community will commemorate the occasion this year.

Ken, Nicky and Steve asked Principal Stephen Josey what he loves about the school; “The students. They are fantastic kids. I also love the cultural diversity. Our diversity really is our strength, we have people from all over the world… but I often say to the kids; you’re three times lucky. You’re living in the best country, the best state and at the best school.” As part of celebrating this diversity a small choir of kiwi students performed a rendition of the New Zealand national anthem live on air – much to ex-pat Ken’s enjoyment.

The Breakfast Team also spoke with Aaron, the ‘Chappy’ who has been at Burrowes State School for a year and a half now.  He chatted to the guys about some of the schools student programmes they have running including building bikes, social and girls groups as well as an emotional skills program called ‘Rock and Water’.  He said it’s very busy for the rest of the year.

Next week Ken, Nicky and Steve will travel out to Stretton State College so if you’re in the area come down and say hi – apparently there is a world record attempt taking place. Stay tuned!

Check out the gallery below of the morning – a big thanks to Burrowes State School for hosting the 96five team.


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