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96five Monthly Partner Community

A community of people who positively impact thousands of lives every day. They are courageous, generous, passionate and willing to stand with people they may never meet and be the hope they need in that moment. They are change agents and culture shapers who are building real hope in a broken world.
With you in this community, we can do so much more.

Not just a building. A beacon.

Your invitation to build a base of hope for Brisbane

Today in our city, thousands of people will hear something with the potential to change their lives. Every month around 400,000 people tap into a media ministry that brings hope, connection and life. For over 21 years, the ministry of 96five has been a 24/7 presence for good in our city… and we’re just getting started.

Now more than ever, your city, your community, your friends and family, need Good News. They need hope. Your 96five exists to give the people of Brisbane, and beyond, experiences of God’s love, and for the first time in our history we need to not just call Brisbane home – but have a home in Brisbane. An opportunity and base to start the right conversations, to shape culture, and to transform communities.

96five is your station. Always has been, always will be. We are excited to share this step of a long and prayerful journey with you, and we look forward to welcoming you through the doors of this gift to Brisbane in the years ahead.

Will you join us?

Hope + Impact for Hope Builders

Today 693 people are able to hear the message of hope
because of the 96five monthly partner community.

Every month 380,000 people are reached through 96five

That’s 12,667 people per day

Or 528 people per hour

9 people per minute…

Every time someone decides to join the 96five Community, through a monthly gift, they are having an impact:

$15 per month = 17 new listeners

$30 per month = 34 new listeners

$50 per month = 55 new listeners

$100 per month = 110 new listeners

Lives are changed, new stories are written, and our city has a voice of hope because of a decision to build hope.
A decision to become a 96five monthly partner.

I would like to build hope today!

FAQs – Why we fundraise

Why are you asking for money?

96five is a not-for-profit, community funded media organisation sharing messages of hope daily on radio, online and via social media. We only exist, and continue to be able to be here, because of the amazing generosity of people just like you – our listeners, our readers, our viewers and our social media followers!

How do you spend the money people donate?

The annual cost of running the ministry is $3,271,915

These funds come from:

Listener Support = $1,912,000 (58%)[1][2]
Business Sponsorship = $1,533,900 (41%)
Rental and Services = $25,000 (1%)

1 To raise that $1,912,000, we spend $277,000 (14%)
2 $968,000 in June Appeal; $260,000 in regular monthly giving; $515,000 in November Appeal


People = $2,107,949
Administration = $753,367
Programming/Operations = $147,663
Property/Utilities = $173,606
Other = $89,330

In each expense line there are many more lines of detail that we’d be happy to discuss or send you our annual report.

Contact Us

Who we are

How many people listen to 96five?

Around 385,000* people listen to 96five every month, with an average weekly listening time of 5.6 hours.

*McNair yellowSquares National Listener 96five Brisbane Survey Wave #2 December 2019. Cumulative audience 15 years+

What is the breakdown of 96five income?

Key supporters and listener donations – 58%, business sponsorship – 41%, other 1%.

What is the mission of 96five?

To impact people with experiences of God’s love so that they may become more like Christ and the world more like the Kingdom.

Read our full Mission Vision.

Is 96five a commercial radio station?

No, 96five belongs to a non-profit organisation called Family Radio Ltd, that relies on the community and listeners to support its operation.

You can find more under About us and Support 96five.

Who runs 96five?

Family Radio Ltd – a non-profit organisation – owns and manages 96five.

Board of Directors provides governance and strategic direction while a team of dedicated staff look after the day-to-day operations.

Is 96five associated with a particular Christian denomination?

No, there is no affiliation with any particular denomination.

Taking donations and online security

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, Family Radio Ltd is an Australian Taxation Office-endorsed ‘deductible gift recipient’ (DGR).

Any donations of $2 or more made by Australian residents to our organisation are tax-deductible.

Is it safe to make a donation online?

Yes, it is.

96five uses SecurePay’s Internet Payment Gateway to provide a secure environment for the authorisation of credit card transactions over the Internet. Confidential information including client credit card details are encrypted the moment they are transmitted from the client’s browser to the banking network using industry standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology.

A client’s credit card details are not stored anywhere online, and the only company who has access to this data is the merchant’s bank. The bank also sends confirmation information via the same encryption technology back to the client’s browser. These secure processes provide clients with peace of mind when purchasing online.

Online donations can be made here.

If I don’t want to donate online, what are my other payment options?

You can make a credit card donation during business hours by phone on 07-3552 0965 (or 1300 965 965 during our on-air appeal hours).

96five Bank Deposit Details

Please reference your surname and your supporter reference number.
(You can contact the 96five studios to obtain your reference number)

Bank: National Australia Bank (NAB)
Account Name: Family Radio
BSB Number: 084-817
Account Number: 90-797-9683

Direct Debit

To give via direct debit, please contact the 96five studios on 07 3552 0965 or contact our community relations team, who will send you a form to fill in your bank account information.


Please make payable to ‘Family Radio’ or ‘96five’ and post to:

P O Box 965, Milton BC, QLD, 4046

I’m an existing 96five monthly ‘Family Friend’. How do I change or update my details?

You can update your details, including credit card information, by contacting the 96five studios on 07 3552 0965 or contacting our community relations team.