Find out about 96five - Brisbane's favourite family friendly radio station

About 96five

As Brisbane’s Christian radio station, we have a commitment to our listeners to broadcast engaging radio content that adds value and is suitable for the entire family, which makes 96five so different to others on the FM dial.

This means that each and every day you will hear helpful advice, positive uplifting music, information about family friendly events around Brisbane and an uncompromising message of hope.

Ultimately, our desire is to engage listeners with experiences of God’s love, so that they become more like Christ and the world more like His kingdom.

We also partner with organisations that share these values and work together with a strong desire to make a positive difference right across this city.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are committed to creating a “new normal” for Brisbane. We invite you to be part of the change for a healthy, strong and positive city.

If you’d like to find out more about 96five, or you have some feedback, drop us a line through our contact form or call the office on 07 3552 0965.

Family Radio

96five is owned and operated by Family Radio Limited, a not-for-profit media organisation located in Brisbane, Australia.

Family Radio also owns Inspire Digital, our sister radio station on DAB+ and publishes this website.

Our Funding

96five is primarily funded by the generous gifts of listeners, with limited on-air and website sponsorship from businesses.

You can support 96five now with your tax-deductible donation.

Our Policies

In accordance with our obligations under the Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice, the following Family Radio policies are available upon request;

  • Corporate governance (Code 1.2)
  • Membership (Code 1.4)
  • Internal conflict (Code 1.5)
  • Complaints-handling (Code 1.6)
  • Community participation (Code 2.1)
  • Programming (Code 2.2)
  • Volunteering (Code 2.3)
  • Sponsorship (Code 6.1)

Please contact us through the contact form or call 07 3552 0965 to request a copy.