History of 96five - 96five Family Radio

History of 96five

2015 marked the 40th Anniversary of the birth of the vision for 96five Family Radio. The history of 96five has helped shape our vision for today.

We are so blessed as a station to be able to look back at the legacy and sacrifice of our forebearers and truly marvel at what God has done and where He has positioned us today.

The history and story of 96five is an incredible one – full of hope, persistent purpose and passion. 40 years ago, a group of men met with a God breathed vision for Family Radio – a station committed to broadcasting radio content that adds value, is suitable for the entire family and that ultimately makes Christ known.

Some of the key milestones in the journey of 96five Family Radio are listed below:

1974 – The Whitlam Government introduced FM radio, allowing improved sound quality and the licensing of more radio stations. The ‘Community’ broadcasting license was born.

96five History

1975 – In response to the new licensing opportunities, five men met at the Canberra Hotel in Brisbane with a God birthed vision for Family Radio. They were passionate and determined to provide every home in Brisbane with the alternative of a balanced wholesome program that would cater for the whole family with the positive objective of presenting Christ and his salvation as a normal and essential ingredient of family life.

1977 – A permit was secured for a temporary transmission and Family Radio’s first segment, a 3 hour musical program compiled by Ron Clarke went to air from the Arana Hills Baptist Community site.

When 4EB went to air Family Radio secured a 2 hour Sunday afternoon block with Ron Clark and John Rogers as producers/announcers.


1982 – Having acquired the technical equipment set up in a caravan, Family Radio broadcast its first seven day continuous broadcast with a temporary license.

No fewer than three separate applications were presented to the Australian Broadcasting Authority (and rejected). Subsequent changes in the structure at the ABA eventually led to equal opportunities for aspirant Christian broadcasters.


1997 – A well researched and comprehensive application finally led to a full-time, temporary license being issued to Family Radio. The 96.5FM frequency was allocated – and the birth of 96five Family Radio.

2001 – The victory of obtaining a full time license in October 2001 can be adequately summed up in an excerpt of a speech made by one of the founding fathers, Jim Fisher;

“Mere words could not describe the sense of joy and fulfilment which thrilled me when the announcement was made in October 2001 heralding the granting of the license to 96five family radio. How encouraging, how thankful to God we are… “


With 26 years between the birth of Family Radio and obtaining a full time broadcast license we stand here today so thankful for the stoic determination, passion and obedience of those who have doggedly pursued the work of the Lord in providing our city with a hope filled alternative on the FM dial.

The 96five journey continues and we are excited to see what God has planned for our future.  Thank you to the thousands of supporters who continue to pray for us and our city; who volunteer their time and effort to be His hands and feet; and lastly for the continued financial support – it simply would not be possible to achieve what we have without you.

96five History

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