The Team – 96five Family Radio

The Team

Under the leadership of Phillip Randall (CEO) and Arthur Muhl (General Manager), staff behind the scenes include:

Andrew Eagleson Account Manager
Alex Milne Sunday Celebrations
Brett Kennedy Finance Manager
Cameron Heit Creative Director
Christie Mann Communications Manager
David Barker Chief Financial Officer
Dwayne Jeffries Chief Content Officer
Erin Mackin Administrator
Glenda Mitchell Radio Sales Scheduling
Iain Ferguson Sponsorship Sales Manager
Jill Patrick Account Manager
Jodie Williams People and Culture Manager
John Scott Relationships Manager
Julie Newhousen Account Manager
Justin Kendall Community Relations Manager
Justin Rouillon Producer
Karina Lanzon Receptionist
Lachlan Sands Promotions Support
Lynne Beckitt Sales Support Coordinator
Mick Kerr IT Systems & Broadcast Support
Ramona Ishac Group Sales Manager
Rebecca Miegel Promotions Assistant
Robbie Parkin Relationships Manager
Sam Escobar Promotions Manager
Sha Robinson Digital Editor
Stephen Wilkinson Technical Operations Manager
Taylah Crosato Sales Assistant & Administration


In addition to our staff listed above, 96five has a loyal team of casual staff and volunteers helping both on-air, with administration work, marketing and promotional events.