Vision & Mission for 96five Family Radio

Vision & Mission

At 96five our vision is that as people connect with us on air, via newsletters or our website they will feel welcomed, valued and appreciated and this begins a process of authentic engagement.

At 96five, family’s number one!

As a radio station focused on strengthening our city’s families through positive, uplifting and creative content – 96five is passionate about working with partners like you.

Every day you’ll hear great family tips, positive contemporary music, information on family friendly events around Brisbane, all topped up with an uncompromising message of hope.

But we’re more than just a family friendly spot on the FM dial.   We know that Brisbane families are multimedia families, and so we are too! is loaded with heaps of unique, family information and entertainment and our social media is famous for it’s positive, engaging and encouraging messages in an environment that can sometimes seem more focused on criticism and rivalry.

Our team of media professionals and willing volunteers are committed to creating a ‘new normal’ for Brisbane and we’d love to partner with you in continuing to build a healthy, strong and positive city.

We believe Christ is made known through connection and engagement. We also partner with organisations that share these values and work together with a strong desire to make a positive difference across this city.

96five has a rich legacy steeped in sacrifice and passionate advocates and volunteers – read about the history of how 96five came to be.