Hear What Our Clients Say – 96five Family Radio

Hear What Our Clients Say

Want to know how radio and 96five has worked for other businesses?

At 96five we pride ourselves on creating a customised campaign to suit each client and their unique business.  From scheduling the timing and frequency of your campaign to the whole creative and production process, our team work hard to help guide you through the process.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“At Torque Toyota, we try and make a difference in people’s lives. We don’t just sell cars, we help people achieve their dreams. We chose to partner with 96Five for the community edge they hold over other stations. Their engagement with schools and local community is a perfect platform for us to build our successful growing business. The team are fantastic to work with, because they are all 100% committed to the vision and success of the station, which in turn, helps support their sponsors.”

Torque Toyota – Sean Lim

“As a growing company we wanted to find new avenues of marketing. We had never considered using the radio before and since sitting down to discuss our options, we haven’t looked back. Our account manager constantly follow up regularly to ensure we are completely satisfied. They are also very willing to build on our ideas and create fantastic advertisements. I would highly recommend sitting down to discuss your company’s option with 96five!”

Securelux – Daniel Roberts

We started advertising with 96five in 1999. It took a while to get traction, but we stuck with it.  I’m glad we did as we started getting calls.  It’s the best form of advertising we have.  We’ve tried all the other stations and there is no comparison at all.  We just love it.  We find the 96five customers are just the greatest.  The people are so trusting and loyal and come back year after year.  Our retention rate is 90% of 96five customers.  It’s great bang for your buck.”

Exodus Pest Control – Tim Legg

“Our business has never used radio before but since we have been on 96five our phone hasn’t stopped ringing! Cameron (96five Creative Director) has written wonderful ads for Seat Safe and really captured what we do. We would highly recommend advertising with 96five to get your business noticed in a big way.”

Seat Safe – Julie Beccaria

If your reading this testimonial you are probably considering advertising on the radio with 96.5.  Having advertised with the other more main stream in your face radio stations and then trying 96.5 there is no comparison between the two.  Hands down 96.5 is much better for our business and my adverts generate three times the inquiry that we got from the other radio station.  The demographic of the people who listen to 96.5 is a more responsible type of client as appose to the tradie MMM  variety.  We keep rolling the adverts all the time and is the best source of lead generation.  Now we are with 96.5 we are here to stay.”

Stop Renting Today – Kevin Watson

I’d like to share with you the good news that the community radio certainly seems to be working well for our client.  Our client has improved market share over the last six months, and with the few small tweaks we made, I believe that the community radio is definitely helping us a lot.

Moonlighting Agency for KM Smith – Ian Warner