Duke the DJ Dog

Colour me In: Duke Butterfly

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About Duke the DJ Dog

Duke The DJ Dog loves to pump out a good music track while he is chilling out under the trees of Sherwood Forest, his favourite park in Brisbane.

Duke loves living in the moment and can easily get distracted by a butterfly or a ball flying past. He loves music and dancing but his absolute favourite thing to do is hug!!

Duke can be a little shy, but if you show him how kind you are he will quickly warm up. He loves to surround himself with positives friends.  Sometimes he may not hear you with his headphones on, but he does see a high 5 from a mile away.

When asked, Duke says his favourite features of himself is his floppy ears and his blue eyes. He doesn’t enjoy long walks dislikes sand between his paws.

Duke says it’s hard to admit when wrong but also feels super good when he has done the right thing, as he often knocks over vases and lamps when dancing up a storm and has to say sorry.

Duke loves a challenge and will take you up on a dance off at any time, just ask him.

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