Help share hope with more people like Barbara!

Barbara was faced with a frightening cancer diagnosis. But it was through your 96five that she found daily encouragement. She writes,

“I got diagnosed with two types of cancer last year – and what happened for me is that I tuned in to 96five. The music has always been a big thing for me, so I tuned in to hear music that had life – and that’s what I got.

“I don’t want a radio station just jabbering at me, I don’t want ads pouring out at me, and I don’t want to listen to stuff that just doesn’t make me feel good.

“[With 96five] I could go to work and I was happy turning up on the doorstep because I’ve laughed my way there. I can get in the car on the way home, turn the radio on and I’m still laughing! It just produces life within you!”

God is placing an opportunity before us to reach many more just like Barbara. But we can’t do it without your help.

As you may know, our radio ministry is a listener-funded community station and therefore we don’t receive the kind of income from ads that most stations do.

That’s why we pray you’ll stand with us today. If you would like to help transform more lives like Barbara’s with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please head to the donate button above.

We’re grateful for your partnership!