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Family Worship

Family Worship brings the church service to you. Every week a special guest pastor will bring a message that will get you thinking and speak to your heart.

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Faith Hope Love with Ken & Nicky

Each weekday morning, Ken and Nicky spin the wheel of faith, hope and love, sharing stories from around the world – and from right here in our own Brissy backyard!

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Momentum with Tim & Des

The overall aim of Momentum is to assist men to overcome the life circumstances facing them, to get alongside other men in their faith community, and start to live well in an atmosphere of care, camaraderie, trust, openness, confidentiality, and trustfulness.

Des Kennedy and Timothy Charles both have a heart for God, and, in particular, a pastoral heart for men.  Des started and led Men’s Ministry in Hillsong Queensland which greatly impacted hundreds of men both inside and outside the church.  He met with many broken men and helped them through all sorts of situations.  Tim, who has a radio and broadcasting background, also has a heart for seeing men change and become a better version of themselves.

Real Faith with Eric Skattebo

Real Faith is a radio program hosted by Eric Skattebo who has conversations with everyday real Australians about the impact faith has on their lives and the challenges we all go through.

Luke and Susie - Backseat Drivers

Luke & Susie Podcast

Luke and Susie Holt are a married couple who have come from unbelievably different backgrounds to form a home and work life together.  Marrying in 2003, Luke and Susie always had hopes of working together since strangely, they actually enjoy each other’s company!

Their married life has been filled with highs and lows in the midst of learning how to take their different backgrounds and form a cohesive life together.