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Book Launch: Fire and Faith by Kristin Jack

Theology on Tap is a public space theology event occuring on the second Sunday of each month. We would like to invite you the launch of ‘Fire and Faith’. Based on real-life events, this historical novel tells the story of Sebastian Castellio, a brilliant theologian, whose calls for tolerance and dialogue, against the religious extremism of the sixteenth century, sparked a violent backlash from his erstwhile colleague, John Calvin, who did his best to destroy him.

We were going to launch Fire and Faith with the author, our good friend Kristen Jack, Former International Coordinator at Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, who wrote it while dying with terminal cancer, but he died the day after it was published. So, we will launch the book in his memory. This story is Kristin’s legacy: showing how one person can offset dogma with doubt, oppose forces of conformity with freedom of conscience, and confront Christian savagery with Christlike nonviolence.

Event Details

Organisation: Theology on Tap

Contact: Paul Mercer

Email Address: [email protected]

Location: The Raven Hotel, 400 Montague Road, West End


Date: 4:00PM - 6:00PM on Saturday 14th April 2024