It's a Good Morning with Ken, Nicky & Steve weekdays from 6am on 96five

Breakfast with Ken, Nicky & Steve

Three mates with microphones – Ken, Nicky and Steve come together with the great city of Brisbane every weekday morning from 6am to share fun, faith and family and everything about life’s journey. They love to have a laugh, talk from the heart and be a part of our great community.

Most Friday’s during the school term you’ll find them at a local Brisbane Primary School broadcasting live for 96five’s School Excursion. Otherwise, they’re overlooking Brisbane from 96five’s Studio One.

Be prepared for a barrel full of laughs, games for the kids before school starts and probably a bucket of tears as well if you happen to catch one of the SOS calls!

You make the start of each day a good one. Thank you for you wonderful music and we especially love the morning crew. Lucia, McDowall

About Ken

Ken Green is a larger than life kind of guy with a big laugh to boot (which you’ve probably heard). He is also a Kiwi, which we don’t hold against him most of the time! Ken began his radio career in Auckland in true Ken style – by simply putting his hand up at a local Christian community radio station and ended up hosting the breakfast show. Since then his career has spanned nearly three decades and two countries working in both the commercial radio sector for the likes of Southern Cross Austereo, and extensively in the community sector both regionally and in capital cities such as Melbourne, where he was the breakfast host for LightFM – the Christian Community station.

In 2014, 96five convinced him to move his family, wife Lynley and son Kobe to Brisbane where he commenced the Drive Show ‘Burns & Green’. If you’re talking to Ken about what he enjoys most about working at 96five he says time and time again that it is being part of the community that cares and being able to tell people listening that God loves them and that they are significant!

About Nicky

Nicky or ‘noodles’ as the boys call her, is 96five’s newest on-air recruit – but one who has been working behind the scenes at 96five for years – first starting as an intern then as producer for Burns & Green, and now as breakfast host! Nicky has a real heart for the city of Brisbane and right from the beginning of her radio career, held onto her goal of working at 96five as she had caught hold of the vision to give people in Brisbane the message of Hope in Christ. Nicky’s favourite aspect about working at 96five is that while other radio stations tear people down – we get to build people up and recognise that life is difficult but life can be done together, and this helps us grow into stronger and better people.

Nicky, despite looking 15, has in fact been married for 15 years to Terry – and their two daughters Sharrai & Aleeyah round out their gorgeous family to four! She is also a proud southsider – which we love her for!

We listen to you guys in the morning on our way to school and love that we hear contemporary music mixed with Christian music. And love that you target the younger kids with Ken, Nicky & Steve’s games etc in the mornings. You guys are awesome. Thanks for bringing good clean fun into our days. Carry on good folks!! Jordan, Rochedale South

About Steve

Steve is just one of those endearing guys everyone likes! He’s a bit of a prankster though and probably has the biggest ‘twinkle in his eye’ in the whole of Brisbane. He’s a radio guy from way back, but has a few tricks up his sleeve including incredible sound effects and being able to drive a crane!  Steve’s first introduction into radio was as a volunteer at RhemaFM in Gladstone and from there hosted breakfast or drive shows in Emerald, Rockhampton, Gosford and Townsville.

Steve relocated from northern QLD with wife of 12 years Karina, and their two boys in 2015. It was a massive leap of faith at the time to relocate to Brisbane as neither had employment lined up, but they believed it was where God wanted their family. As it is, God is faithful and had both 96five and the Lanzon family in His hands, and, as it happened, both Steve & Karina have found their place at the station!  They are now full Brisbanites (northsiders) and believe Brisbane to be the greatest city in the world. Steve is truly in his element and he relishes the opportunity to make fun radio with a greater reason to impact the City for good.

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