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Backseat Drivers with Luke & Susie

Luke and Susie are a unique on-air combination as a husband and wife duo who love to explore the depths of life but equally love to laugh with everything in the belly behind it.

Both Luke and Susie have served as youth ministers in churches before being in radio and together, and bring a rare ability to talk on-air about faith in an incredibly natural and engaging manner. They weave faith and faith principles through all that they do.

They are parents of three lower primary age boys: Tyson, and twins Toby and Royden and have been married 13 years this year.

TV, movies, social media, music…these are just some of the cultural shapers of our time and Luke and Susie use them to help explain where we are but also to shape and forge where we are going as individuals and as a community.

Luke and Susie Segments

Feature guest – every show Luke and Susie go in depth with fascinating, successful and inspiring people who will entertain but also mobilise us to make positive change in our lives.

Knights of the Round Table: A fun group discussion about problems where the “Knights” come to the rescue with all of the answers…mostly rubbish and unhelpful answers, but answers all the same.

Social Buzz: Exploring viral and popular content on social media.

Music With A Message: Going deeper into the intended story/meaning of a song, or in fact using a song as a catalyst to think deeper about another significant aspect of life.

Getting to Know You: A series of questions for the Luke and Susie guests about books we would give, quotes we would live by, family activities we love, and things that made us feel happy and sad with our Highs and Lows.

Fun Facts:

Susie walked down the aisle to the Baby Elephant Walk and Luke entered the church to “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

When Susie listens to music she dances, when she goes for a walk she listens to music, she often forgets where she is and delivers a show for strangers.

Luke is a huge cricket fan and was left star struck in the SCG press kitchen when Greg Chappell asked him what was happening in the golf…he just stood and stared…completely mute…before somebody else answered the question.

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