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About David Esquen

David Esquen, better known as “Esky”, has a long history with Fresh; As a teenager he was an avid listener to the show, finding connection to a world of great new music, and encouragement for his faith. Several years later, Esky volunteered at Sydney radio station Hope 103.2. He then landed a job in the radio station’s call centre. A year after that, he got his dream job: hosting Fresh, the very show that brought him there!

Esky’s a big fan of music styles including punk, alternative, hip hop and EDM. When he’s not at work, Esky’s usually scrolling through Spotify looking for new tunes, eating something Peruvian and home-cooked, hanging out with mates at church, or daydreaming about his next New York adventure.


FRESH discovers and plays the latest, and best in contemporary Christian music along with weekly interviews, album features and movie and music reviews.

A musical institution, you’re guaranteed to hear music you’ll love and won’t hear anywhere else – indie pop, alternative rock, worship and hip hop artists. If it’s good, we’ll play it!

You can tune in Saturday evenings from 7 to 9pm, and you can also follow the official FRESH playlist on Spotify.