Mornings with Tim Bain – 96five Family Radio

Mornings with Tim Bain

We’re so excited to have Tim Bain join the 96five family – both taking over our airwaves of a weekday morning and as our Music Director. Tim has been in and out of radio since high school work experience which was where he nabbed his first radio job with HOPE 103.2 back in 2002. He then journeyed to Perth to work as a youth pastor and later a worship pastor. Tim returned to radio a couple of years later, working with 98five producing their breakfast show, announcing and music directing.

Tim is really enthusiastic about how radio has the ability to reach anyone across the city at any time and loves being able to be a part of delivering a message of hope across Brisbane. Tim is joined in Brisbane by his young family – wife Bek and and two young kids Avery & Sunday.

When he’s not working – you’ll find Tim out in nature – camping or surfing. Or down at your local cafe… as long as it has good coffee! Or belting out a tune on his guitar.


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