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Sunday Celebration with Alex Milne

Share your Sunday morning with Alex, long before your church service starts! Tune in to 96five while you’re getting ready to go, and if you can’t make it to a church, enjoy the music, right where you’re at. Sunday Celebration brings you the best praise and worship tracks, plus a few old favourites as well.

Sunday Celebration is broadcast from 6am, Sundays.

Alex has had a fascination and involvement with radio since he was 12, add to this a desire to serve God and a great love of music, and you’ll see what drives his commitment to Sunday Celebration. To quote Alex: ‘It’s inspiring to be involved with God’s work at 96five.’

Alex and his wife, Robynne, have two grown children and five grandchildren (all girls!). Recently retired from business life he enjoys being part of the leadership team at his Church and having more time for other interests.

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