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Donna Dyson – how to write a Christmas Classic.

Donna Dyson is a Brisbane songwriter who has won may awards including Australian Songwriter of the Year. She recently released December Child.

By Justin RouillonFriday 21 Dec 2018ChristmasReading Time: 1 minute

Donna Dyson is a Brisbane songwriter who’s won many awards including the coveted APRA-ASA Australian Songwriter of the Year, and also Australian Song of the Year for ‘Spirit of Australia’, a co-write with Damien Leith.

Donna Dyson & Damien Leith

In 2012 a stroke left Donna legally blind and as a result she moved from a career as an educator into a music career.

‘I realised my eyes weren’t working, but my ears were, so I was able to transfer slowly into music’

Her most recent projects are a Christmas EP with her children’s music label – ‘Spotty Kites Christmas Volume 1’, and the Christmas song ‘December Child’, featuring members of the QLD Symphony Orchestra, Renae Suttie and Gregory Moore (The Ten Tenors).

Donna caught up with 96five’s Justin Rouillon to talk about the song ‘December Child’, and what goes into writing a new Christmas song.  Listen to the podcast above.

To keep up with Donna’s work you can check out her website here.