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96five’s Heart of Christmas Wrap Up

"All our Grandies volunteers want to support the elderly, and remind them that are loved, cared for and appreciated."

By Justin RouillonThursday 17 Dec 2020ChristmasReading Time: 2 minutes

Main Image: Grandies volunteers gift wrapping presents for distribution to the elderly in our community.

In late November 96five launched our annual Heart of Christmas campaign – this year partnering with the Brisbane & Gold Coast Grandies.

The organisation has a focus on supporting the elderly; the grandmas and grandpas who may either be at home alone, or in hostels or nursing homes with no family nearby to support them.

We put the call out, and as usual 96five listeners stepped up to the plate; either in adopting their very own Grandie, or through donations of gifts and wrapping paper.

Ken & Nicky with some of the donations for Grandies.

Last Friday those donations were dropped off to the Sleeman Sports Complex, as 200 Grandies volunteers began the mammoth job of wrapping and preparing the gifts for delivery this week.

Rachel Pick is the Chair of Brisbane & Gold Coast Grandies, and told 96five’s Nicky Becker that it was a labour of love for the volunteers.

“Some of our volunteers have lost grandparents recently, some grew up never knowing their grandparents, but all our volunteers want to support the elderly, and remind them that are loved, cared for and appreciated.”

Rachel also said that the option to adopt a Grandie, providing them with gifts tailored to their needs, had been an overwhelming success.

“We set ourselves a huge target of 150 Grandie adoptions and we ended up with 165 adoptions, so it’s been a massive year.”

If you made a donation, volunteered your time or adopted a Grandie – thank you so much for your support of 96five’s Heart of Christmas 2020.