Family Getaway Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!

By 96five Monday 30 Oct 201796five Breakfast

This morning Ken, Nicky and Steve called our getaway giveaway winner Lucy to tell her she had won the 7-night getaway to Kingfisher Bay Resort!

Lucy and her family were nominated by friend Alwyn who mentioned how selfless Lucy is by preparing meals for neighbours and serving in her local community. He wanted to recognise this “sacrificial family” as people who truly deserve a break.

Lucy and her family have won a well-deserved holiday to Kingfisher Bay Resort on world heritage-listed Fraser Island, valued at $4000! This incredible family to enjoy a daily buffet breakfast, a full 4×4 Beauty Spots tour which includes visits to Lake McKenzie, Central Station Rainforest, the wreck of the Mahony plus much more!

Described as one of Queensland’s premier holiday spots, Lucy and her family are sure to have a wonderful time away together.

We hope you have a wonderful time away!

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