Win a Trip:
The Footsteps of Paul Tour with Luke & Susie

By Christie MannThursday 5 Jul 201896five DRIVE

Join Luke & Susie as the follow in the footsteps of Paul tour to Corinth, Athens, Thessalonica, Ephesus in 2019!

Luke & Susie and the kids are heading to on a trip Luke has imagined for 22 years. His dream is finally coming true and you can be joining him on this epic journey to experience the history that is across Greece and Turkey.

To have a chance to win simply fill in the free entry form below.

Please note: This competition has been coordinated and funded through corporate sponsorship arrangements – via The Luke & Susie Show. No donations to 96five from supporters have been used in the promotion of or the corporate travel for this competition.

View the trip details and terms and conditions here.

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