Father's Day - Talking Tall Tales with the Two Tims – 96five Family Radio

Father’s Day – Talking Tall Tales with the Two Tims

By Shaliysh RobinsonFriday 23 Aug 2019

This week on 96five the Two Tims are taking your calls about ‘the one that got away’.

96five’s Timothy Charles and Tim Bain will be hosting the Breakfast show this week!

Each day the best fishing story will ‘snag’ a $100 fishing voucher to Jones’s Tackle, in time for Father’s Day.

So drop them a line for a chance to win.

Call in with your TALL TALE – from 8am during Breakfast, all this week… On 96five.


The two Tims took to Jones’s Tackle to check out all the things you could buy with your $100 fishing voucher! Crikey… There’s a lot you could get!!


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