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WIN!! A Charlie’s Fruit Box To Show Support Or Say Thanks

By Justin RouillonFriday 15 May 202096five Breakfast

The coronavirus restrictions  and economic downturn have been tough on us all.

Some of us have been brought to our knees.  Our health professionals have worked around the clock to prepare for any eventuality.  And our frontline workers in education, retail and transport have bravely carried on in the face of a pandemic.

Thanks to our good friends at Charlie’s Fruit Online, you can let someone know that Brisbane cares for them.

You might want to encourage a friend who’s lost a job, or had hours reduced as a result of the shutdown.  Maybe you want to say thank you to someone on the front lines, whether they work in health or another industry.  Or it could just be to show gratitude for an act of kindness that someone has given you.

From Monday May 18th through to Friday May 29th  we’ll be sending out Charlie’s Fruit Boxes on your behalf!

Our breakfast duo Ken and Nicky have 10 Couples Boxes (valued at $49) to offload and will be calling one lucky entrant each weekday morning.

Not one to miss out on the action, Steve has 4 Jumbo Family Boxes (valued at $99) to give away in his Big Fun Radio Show.  He will be calling the winners twice a week to let them know the good news!

Some of the goodies in a Charlie’s Fruit Box.

So let us know who needs some encouragement or thanks by filling in the nomination form below.

Charlie’s Fruit Online has been family owned and operated for over thirteen years.  They offer fresh, quality fruit and vegetables delivered to your door at a great price.

Check out the range of Charlie’s Fruit Boxes that include free delivery at the Charlie’s Fruit Online website.

Charlie's Fruit Box Nomination

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