Should we be concerned about the decline in religious affiliation?

By Christie MannWednesday 28 Jun 2017

Data from the 2016 Census is a hot topic at the moment.

Media organisations are focusing heavily on the decline in religious affiliation. However, it’s important to include more context for a balanced discussion.

In some ways, the rise of ‘No Religion’ could possibly be attributed to the fact that it’s the first Census where the question has been slotted in as the first option at the top of the list, or possibly, affected by inquiries of the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse.

Whatever the combination of coincidences, the fact remains that those identifying as ‘Religious’ in Australia are in decline. 96five’s Arthur Muhl spoke with Brisbane Catholic Archbishop, Mark Coleridge who says the findings come as no surprise…

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Hot Topic!Archbishop Mark Coleridge chatted today to 96five's Arthur Muhl about the Census results and the apparent decline in Australian's identifying as religious.

96five 发布于 2017年6月27日

Another organisation who has spent significant time researching faith and belief in Australia is McCrindle Research. They released a report in May this year outlining some interesting research out of a survey of 1,024 Australians, which showed that religion in Australia is not dead. Read the report here.

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