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Radio: The most trustworthy media according to a national survey

By 96five Friday 7 Jul 2017

Article written by 96five Intern – Alec Camplin

A report into the media industry suggests that radio is Australia’s most trustworthy media platform comfortably outgunning TV, online and print mediums.

The study, conducted by market research analysts GFK, found 42% of respondents considered radio trustworthy, followed by TV (24%), online (18%) and finally newspapers/magazines (15%).

Dr Morten Boyer of GFK, said the results reflected high levels of trust in radio presenters and the live and human nature of radio which makes it a credible source of information for news, traffic information and emergency updates.

Interestingly, this news comes at the height of the ‘fake news’ narrative where many people are beginning to question their trust of media outlets and the information they’re providing.

Dr Boyer suggests, “Trust is something that is earned over time through relationship building, so in an environment where people are unsure of which sources to trust, it’s not surprising to see radio come out on top”.

So, what does this mean for 96five?

Not surprisingly, these statistics reflect what 96five listeners have been saying over a long period of time and more recently through the stories shared during the You Make Hope Possible Appeal.

McCrindle Research recently worked with 96five and other Christian radio stations around the country to deliver a comprehensive analysis of 96five in Brisbane and the role radio has within the lives of you, the listener.

It found people are tuning into 96five over commercial stations as they felt a more personal connection with the station through the announcers, advertisers and stories. It also found an incredible 96% of respondents felt Christian radio impacts the community in a positive way and surprisingly 68% even find the advertising at least ‘somewhat beneficial’.

This underpins and supports 96five’s mission, led by the leadership of GM Dwayne Jeffries, to act as a beacon of hope within the wider Brisbane community and to connect with listeners by making them “feel welcomed, valued and appreciated through authentic engagement”.

A warning is echoing through the commercial sector.

Joan Warner, Chief Executive Officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia suggests, “people are increasingly sceptical and more discerning about the information sources they regard as believable, so maintaining consumer trust is one of the most important challenges for media, brands and governments. “Radio performs well because it is more likely to be considered an old friend and is associated with being personal, authentic and accessible.”

Here’s some stats from GFK’s report about the current trends:

  • 71% of people consider radio a great companion
  • 61% see radio like an old friend
  • 55% feel radio connects them more to their community
And that’s great news for 96five and you, the listener! In a world distorted by ‘fake news’ and commercialism, 96five is totally committed to delivering authentic content, full of integrity that you can not only trust but also find uplifting and encouraging.

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