The Gladiators Have Arrived in Brisbane!

The time has come… Now is your chance to learn how to be just like a GLADIATOR! Queensland Museum will be holding the exciting exhibition until January 28!

By 96five NetworkFriday 15 Sep 201796five BreakfastCultureReading Time: 1 minute

Article written by 96five Intern – Stephanie Acraman

The time has come… Now is your chance to learn how to be just like a GLADIATOR!

Featuring more than 110 artefacts from the ampitheatres of Rome and Pompeii, Queensland Museum’s new exhibition Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum has already fascinated visitors.

Gladiators, Rome, Queensland Museum

The exciting, Australian-exclusive is set to stay in Brisbane until January 28, 2018, leaving plenty of time for you to get the family together and head to the site that will take you back in time.

Premier and Arts Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said the exhibition is set to showcase who gladiators were, where they lived and how they trained.

“The gladiator has become an icon of Ancient Rome, but what is known about them is limited and sometimes misconstrued in blockbuster films.”

“Some of the archaeological treasures on display include actual pieces of the colosseum, elaborately decorated bronze gladiator helmets, and the original arms and armour preserved in the ashes of Pompeii.”

Gladiators, Rome, Queensland Museum

If you want more information on the exhibition or want to purchase tickets, head to the link here! Otherwise stay tuned to the Breakfast Show with Ken, Nicky and Steve all this week & listen in on how you could win yourself a family pass!

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