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Chris Tomlin: how do you capture heaven in a three-minute video?

By Christie MannTuesday 18 Jul 2017Hot 25 Countdown

Chris Tomlin joined Steve Lanzon for an exclusive interview on the release of trending song ‘Home’ in his latest single.

Chris Tomlin released his 11th studio album ‘Never Lose Sight’ in October last year, and the current single ‘Home’ is currently sitting at #2 on the Hot 25 Countdown, and #2 on the Billboard Christian Charts.

Chris’s breakthrough album was 2004’s Arriving which featured the songs ‘Indescribable’, ‘How Great is Our God’ and ‘Holy is the Lord’.  He has since gone on to win Grammy and Billboard Music Awards, and is one of only four artists to be awarded the SoundExchange Digital Radio Award for 1 billion plays on digital radio services.

His worship songs are now sung in churches around the world every week, and is one of the premiere songwriters of the modern praise and worship movement.

With ‘Home’ doing so well in Australia Chris joins Steve Lanzon on the Hot 25 Countdown this weekend for a chat about his latest single, as well as his involvement in the Passion Movement.

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