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Songs and Shoeboxes – Colin Buchanan

By 96five Friday 25 Aug 201796five Afternoons

Article written by 96five Intern – Stephanie Acraman

One of Australia’s most compelling children’s Christian artists, Colin Buchanan was centre stage in Brisbane both Thursday and Friday night this week for his Calvary Road Concert.

Calvary road is the name of the tour, but also the new song Buchanan has released. He describes this new collection of songs as coming from a “shoebox” where all of his work that never quite had a place has lived for the past few years.

“It’s quite personal… [it] is a portrait of faith and life. It’s the best collision of country music and Christian reflection.”

Buchanan says he enjoys introducing people to his new music because it is a way for fans of his country music to listen and not be bombarded with Christianity.

Colin has been in the industry for decades now and he says it has “taken this long to find this body of work”.

Listen to the full interview with Arthur Muhl from 96five here!

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