96five: Interview with God’s Not Dead 3 star, David AR White

Interview with God’s Not Dead 3 star David AR White

By Kathryn RichmondFriday 4 May 201896five Afternoons

96five’s Timothy Charles spoke to David A.R White who plays Pastor Dave in God’s Not Dead 3. 

The third instalment of the God’s Not Dead series is set to wow film buffs, with ‘A Light in Darkness’ in cinemas now.


The first God’s Not Dead movie was a surprise box office success, eventually becoming one of the highest grossing faith-based films of all time.

“It was our first theatrical release, and it was a scary thing to follow that vision that was put in our hearts.  But we believed we were supposed to do it, and we’re so thankful to all the people who supported that movie and were touched by it”.

(David A.R White – God’s Not Dead producer & actor)

In part three of the series Pastor Dave’s (David A.R White) church is burned to the ground in an arson attack.   The adjoining Hadleigh University uses the tragedy to kick the congregation off campus.  The escalating controversy creates a dilemma for the small church—can Christians fight for their rights and be the light for Christ at the same time?

David AR White

“We want to make films that are specific for the time when they come out, and ultimately that they will live on for many years” – David A.R White.

Facing a court case and his own struggle to see Christ’s light in heartbreak, Dave asks for help from Pearce, his estranged brother—a big-city lawyer and an atheist—to fight for the church’s right to exist. The family reunion opens old wounds, as the brothers wrestle with the questions that pulled them apart years ago: Is God really good all the time? Where is God when bad things happen? Can Christ really heal the brokenhearted?

God’s Not Dead 3: A Light In Darkness stars John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding/Northern Exposure), Ted McGinley (Married With Children/Pearl Harbour), Jennifer Taylor (Two and a Half Men/The Waterboy) and Academy Award winner Tatum O’Neal (Paper Moon), and is in cinemas now.

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