Interview with Hillsong after 2018 Grammy Win – 96five Family Radio

Interview with Hillsong after 2018 Grammy Win

By Christie MannFriday 9 Feb 2018Sunday Celebration

You wouldn’t think that writing a song to be sung in church would end up with you walking the red carpet alongside music’s biggest stars.  Well, that’s exactly what happened to Ben Fielding from Hillsong Worship.  Listen to the full story after 8am this Sunday on 96five’s Sunday Celebration with Alex Milne and check out the video below!

Other nominees for the award included;

  • Mark Hall & Bernie Herms for “Oh My Soul”, performed by Casting Crowns
  • Natalie Grant for “Clean”, performed by Natalie Grant
  • David Garcia, Ben Glover, Crystal Lewis, MercyMe & Tim Timmons for “Even If”, performed by MercyMe
  • Chuck Butler, Jonathan Smith & Tauren Wells for “Hills and Valleys”, performed by Tauren Wells

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