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Interview with musician Curt Anderson – how his marriage has helped him thrive

Nashville based musician Curt Anderson says his marriage is what's helped him thrive in the music industry.

By 96five NetworkMonday 26 Mar 2018Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen to Curt speaking with 96five’s Justin Rouillon about his music, family and love of Australia here.

“My Wife Has to be Just As Invested in my Music as I Am”

‘Balance is an oxymoron’ jokes Nashville based Curt Anderson as he talks about his schedule that see’s him touring and away from his family for up to six months every year. With a desire to meet and talk face to face with both the people who play his music, and those who are impacted by it, Curt has travelled to 40 countries over the course of his career. He’s been coming to Australia for ten years, and staggeringly this is his 20th visit to our shores – in fact he visits here so regularly that he now sees his Aussie friends more often than he sees his friends in Nashville!

“As an artist and songwriter, you hope what you write is going to impact other people, and that’s the way it’s kind of gone in Australia”.

Curt met his wife Brittney in college, and knew early on in their relationship what he wanted to do with his life, and bought into the dream from an early stage. Now with two young boys in their family, Curt says it’s even more important for them to be working as a team – and how thankful he is that Brittney believes in his music just as much as him.

“She’s pushed me and given me the encouragement I’ve needed when I’ve been at my lowest point and wanting to quit”.

Curt gushes as he talks about his wife and his immense gratitude as she spends time at home with their kids. “Her willingness to be at home with two toddlers by herself is critical” he says and speaks of Brittney’s servant heart as she educates and raises their boys in a creative environment. “It’s awesome to see the family thrive, even when I’m not there”.

Curt dropped by the 96five studios to play his latest single – check out the video below!

Curt Anderson is based in Nashville, Tennessee – his current single is Keep Me Falling. He plans on returning to Queensland mid year so keep an eye on for the tour details.