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National Day of Thanks: Michelle Mitchell on Gratitude

By Justin RouillonThursday 28 May 202096five Afternoons

This Saturday May 30th is the annual National Day of Thanks, a day to thank God and each other.

The day is an opportunity for Australians to express thanks to God for the nation we live in, and also to those who have made a difference in our lives and the community.

This year the focus is on disaster recovery following this summer’s devastating bush fires and floods, as well as encouraging and assisting those communities who have been affected.

Michelle Mitchell is a parenting expert and a long time friend of 96five.  She’s also an ambassador for the National Day of Thanks this year.

She spoke to afternoons presenter Timothy Charles about the importance of gratitude, especially during the season we find ourselves in.  Have a listen to their chat in the audio player above.

You can visit the National Day of Thanks website for different ways to celebrate the day, as well as tips on showing gratitude in your family, workplace, school, church or community.

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