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96five’s Jaemin Frazer – the One Minute Coach

"Developing this content was so difficult because you've only got sixty seconds to have a complete and original idea and every word counts."

By Justin RouillonThursday 11 Feb 202196five AfternoonsGuests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

Main Image: Jaemin Frazer has been heard on 96five for six years.  Listen: Jaemin speaks with Justin Rouillon about his new book and his passion for helping people overcome their insecurity.

For Jaemin Frazer, writing for radio with a limitation of 60 seconds was the hardest writing of his life.

The life coach has been heard on radio nationally for six years after being given a start with his One Minute Coach spots on 96five.  He now also hosts The Insecurity Project Podcast and has just released his 365 radio spots in the new book One Minute Coach.

And it wasn’t as if the written word was a world away; Jaemin is a former pastor who moved into the coaching space, and has already published a number of books and been an in demand speaker.

“Developing this content was so difficult because you’ve only got sixty seconds to have a complete and original idea that’s not just adding to the noise and every word counts.  Eventually when I got to 365 spots I had people saying to me that this had to be a book.  The book is one powerful idea per day for a year; it doesn’t really matter where you start so people can just open the book and get started.”

Jaemin got his start in working to help people unlock their potential over ten years spent as a pastor, a journey that he told 96five could often be a little frustrating.

“As a pastor you get invited into peoples lives all the time to talk about change, and the challenge I found in my faith community was that people would try to outsource the change work to God.  They believed if they just had faith God would change everything, and the idea of responsibility or awareness just seemed like a concept that was too secular.  I’m convinced that God invites us to participate in our transformation journey and His greatest gift to us is responsibility and choice.”

It’s Jaemin’s work around insecurity that has really set him apart from others working in the area of life coaching.

“It was insecurity that stopped me in my tracks when I tried to write my very first book.  All that initial excitement turned to fear and dread, and I uncovered a mountain of insecurity in my own life.  If I never dealt with it I’d never show up, I’d just hide.”

“This is the problem that people suffer with greatly for not knowing how to fix it.  I’m so excited to work with people who have ambition to do good in the world.  Often people understand the need for a business plan or a marketing plan, but have never thought about a personal development plan.”

“If you don’t face your insecurity fears, this will be the handbrake that will stop you bringing your gifts.”

Jaemin’s latest book is The One Minute Coach: 365 Thought-Provoking Insights to Start Your Day.  He has previously authored Unhindered – The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity and Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems.  Jaemin is also the host of The Insecurity Project Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms.

He has been married for 21 years, has two teenage children and in his spare time enjoys running, cycling and playing the drums.