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“Our History and Our Stories are Undeniable” Says Helen Smallbone

Discover the Smallbone family's inspiring journey of resilience, faith, and the transformative power of love in the new movie 'Unsung Hero'.

By Jess DrummondTuesday 21 May 2024Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

A family that produces three internationally renowned, Grammy-winning musicians is bound to have some stories to tell.

The Smallbone family, which includes Rebecca St James and Joel and Luke Smallbone from for KING + COUNTRY, has undertaken a remarkable journey. Their story is marked by the bonds of family and the persistence of faith amid international migration, serious financial difficulties, and great uncertainty.

From the challenges they faced to the miracles they witnessed; their story is set to come to life on the big screen in the upcoming movie Unsung Hero.

At the heart of the story are David and Helen Smallbone, the faithful and determined couple who moved to the US with their six children (and another on the way) and began a new life amid adversity.

96five’s Jess Drummond caught up with Helen, who had previously shared her family’s story in her memoir, “Behind the Lights: The Extraordinary Adventure of a Mum and Her Family”.

Helen says Unsung Hero was born independently of her book, as people were struck by the parts of their family’s story shared at for KING + COUNTRY concerts.

“People have said ‘Wow, that’s a pretty incredible story – I didn’t know you guys lived that way’ – and they would say, ‘You need to write a book’,” Helen says; however, Luke decided to approach a producer about turning the Smallbone journey into a movie.

Australian Actor Daisy Betts portraying Helen Smallbone in Unsung Hero

Australian Actor Daisy Betts portraying Helen Smallbone in Unsung Hero / Source: Faith Media (supplied).

Helen says while she and husband David were not involved in the scriptwriting process, she had one request for the team.

“I did go back to them and say, ’Listen, just be careful you don’t take the miraculous out of our story, because if we hadn’t seen God care for us [and] provide for us, and the miracles that we witnessed, we would not have been able to stay [in America]. We would’ve had to go back to Australia; it was just too hard. I think they have done a brilliant job in including the miraculous and making this a very God-centred movie.”

Helen says neither she nor David could have imagined the implications of how the movie would be received.

“We do know it’s a God story; we do know it’s a pretty significant story, and frankly, I think we’re committed enough to family and faith, that if it can encourage another, another family, another marriage to walk through some hard times and stick together and look for God on the journey, then it’s all worthwhile.

“Our history and our stories are undeniable – we can see God’s hand on each of our stories. To share that with others – no one can deny the reality of God when you share what God’s done in your life” Helen Smallbone

“It really does point to the fact that God is with us, that God cares for us, that He is good, that He’s faithful, that His plans are so much better than anything that we could ask or imagine.”

Unsung Hero is in Australian Cinemas from May 30th. for KING + COUNTRY are bringing songs and stories from Unsung Hero to their Homecoming Tour, last tickets selling fast.

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Feature Image: Helen Smallbone, supplied