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MOVIE REVIEW: Lego Ninjago

By Christie MannTuesday 3 Oct 2017

TITLE:  The Lego Ninjago Movie

SUMMARY: Dave Franco voices Lloyd, a teenage boy who struggles with a double identity. When his city is in crisis, he becomes the heroic Green Ninja and is hailed a hero. However, at his high school he is constantly despised as the son of the evil warlord, Garmadon. Since Garmadon is the cause of most of the city’s crises, Lloyd reaps a fair amount of animosity. But Garmadon and his mother separated when Lloyd was still a baby, and the dark lord has shown no interest in reconnecting. Will a quest to save Ninjago bring them together?

RATED: PG for mild animated violence.

AUDIENCE: Sure to please every Lego fan, especially if they’re boys mad on collecting coloured ninja bricks.

WHAT’S GOOD: The film is very easy to watch with great animation, and jokes that will keep the kids and their parents amused.

WHAT’S NOT: Hollywood recognises the problems brought on by broken families, but still manages to celebrate the ‘be all you hope to be’ mantra that often ruins marriages.

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Lloyd and Garmadon both come to terms with the facts that they have to be sorry for the things they’ve done, apologise and change their lives – Biblical repentance in a nutshell! However we don’t stick around in the story long enough to see if it sticks, leading the viewer to believe that we can manage it all without God.

RELEASE DATE: September 21

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