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Guy Sebastian Documentary Screening Monday June 29th

By 96five Monday 22 Jun 2020

Go behind the scenes and delve deep into the life of one of Australia’s most successful and esteemed solo artists in Guy Sebastian: The Man The Music, on Monday, June 29, at 9.10pm after The Voice on Nine.

Viewers will get the best seat in the house as Guy sings some of his greatest hits, from Battle Scars to Before I Go and the ARIA 2019 Song of the Year hit single Choir, all filmed live on his recent “Ridin’ With You” Australian tour.

This special will take us backstage and into his home as we explore the man behind the music, meet his family and collaborators, go through the highs, lows and heartbreaks, and see the humour and passion that drives the career of one of Australia’s all-time favourite singer-songwriters.


“As a songwriter, I think some of the best songs that come about are the circumstantial ones,” Guy explains. “I remember when I was writing ‘Battle Scars’ – same thing, you know? I think songs just flow through you when you’re vulnerable and in a sensitive place; you need an outlet to express your emotions. Hopefully everyone will get the chance to peek behind the curtains at what makes the songs come to life, as well as what my life is like. I’m really proud of this project.”

Guy Sebastian’s new single, ‘Standing With You’ – is out Friday June 26th through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

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