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Mac Powell on Tom Petty, Flying Solo & His Kids as Critics!

Mac Powell, former frontman of the four-time Grammy Award-winning band Third Day releases his debut Christian solo album 'New Creation' today.

By Justin RouillonFriday 15 Oct 202196five MorningsMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

When you’re a successful former frontman of a band who sold almost 10 million albums and racked up a few Grammys along the way – what do you do when you need to write some new songs for an upcoming release?

According to the Third Day frontman Mac Powell, when you’re a father to five, you try them out on the kids with a lounge room focus group!

“It varies between some kids wanting to hear them to some of them saying ‘oh no not another one of your songs’, but overall there’s been more positive than negative from the kids,” he told 96five’s Tim Bain.

With Third Day calling it quits in 2018, Mac wasted no time in forming a new musical venture, but he hasn’t been ready to jump into solo artist territory until now.

Amazingly it was the passing of legendary US singer songwriter Tom Petty in 2017 that prompted Mac to take Third Day out on one final farewell tour.

“We’d always been the kind of band that if we disbanded, we didn’t want to make a big announcement – we just wanted to drift off into the sunset.

“When Tom passed away I ended up moping around the house for a couple of weeks because I felt like I had lost a friend – I never met Tom but I felt I knew him through his music.

“My wife said to me that she thought we should do a farewell tour, because she knew that people would feel the same way about Third Day that I did about Tom Petty, and they should have a chance to say goodbye.”

Image: Cameron Flaisch

Since 2018 he’s been keeping busy with Mac Powell and the Family Reunion – an outfit that has both feet firmly planted in Mac’s country music influences.  The group has released two albums; 2019’s ‘Back Again’ as well as the Christmas record ‘December’.

Even after all that success Mac said that he still had reservations about finally becoming a solo artist.

“It’s my first solo Christian album so I was a little nervous.   I’ve got nothing else I can do; all I know how to do is be a singer and make music!

“Over the last year I had some opportunities to play new music for a few people one the road, which was encouraging and inspiring to know that people do still want to hear what I have to say through my music.”

Mac Powell’s debut solo album ‘New Creation’ is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Watch the full interview with Mac in the video below.