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Brooke Ligertwood Describes New Album SEVEN in 7 Words

Brooke Ligertwood is combining 20 years of experience as an artist and producer with her passion for serving the church in her new LIVE worship album, SEVEN.

By Steff WillisFriday 25 Feb 202296five MorningsMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

96five’s Tim Bain sat down with Brooke Ligertwood to discuss life, the joy of raising kids, her favourite tracks and the process of recording a live worship album.

A live album felt like the only choice for her new music as Brooke wanted to remind people of the sound of the church, particularly after so many years of isolation.

“The songs, the musical parts and the lyrics and the melodies on their own weren’t enough. I wanted people to hear the faith of other people” says Brooke.

The album was recorded live in Nashville, Tennessee at the end of 2021 and Brooke revealed how they were really intentional when it came to the recording to ensure it was an authentic worship experience.

“We wanted to prepare a place for the Lord to be completely welcome to do whatever he wants. It wasn’t about a recording or about trying to reach musical perfection, it was about preparing a place for the Lord”

When asked to describe SEVEN in 7 words, she landed on Biblical, Buoyant, Helpful, Challenging, Nourishing, Yummy and Fun.

“Honey and the Rock is joyful and fun, it’s very faith building. It comes from Psalm 81:16 and it’s really about the sweetness in the wilderness that we have access to because Jesus passed the test in the wilderness that we could not pass.”

Her favourite track varies from week to week but one of her favourites is Track 10, ‘King Jesus’.

“If you look past those initial invitations into the album with songs like Honey and Rock, there’s songs like King Jesus which just feel like a really beautiful and holy place for people to just sit in with Jesus.”

SEVEN is available on Friday 25th February.

Listen to the full interview with Brooke Ligertwood in the audio player above.