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Donna’s Songwriting Gift Brings Hope & Love for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with Every Part of Me - a new song from Brisbane songwriter and composer, Donna Dyson.

By Steff WillisWednesday 9 Feb 202296five AfternoonsMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

An acoustic track with feathery soft vocals, this is a song about the kind of love that overcomes adversity and loves without condition or expectation and would make a great song for proposals and weddings.

Donna worked with longtime co-writing partner Damien Leith to bring Every Part of Me to life and after years of touring, working away from home – it’s a way to express their love and appreciate to their respective spouses.

“We’ve both married our best friends and this is a true love letter in musical form to our spouses but it doesn’t have to be interpreted like that. It’s a love song for people that we love” says Donna.

Donna also said that the song would make a perfect track for couples to walk down the aisle to.

When I asked about her songwriting process, Donna explained how songs often come to her while she’s sleeping. “Sometimes I dream of the entire work being performed on a stage and I wake up and I write the whole thing” says Donna.

“I see myself as a transmitter to receive this beautiful stuff and then to create it because that’s the gifting that’s been given to me. I believe that our gifts are not for us they are to be given away to help the world.”

Donna loves working with other artists to bring her songs to life, which is why she chooses to release her music as ‘Donna Dyson & Friends’. Whether it’s the producer or engineer, the creators working on the cover art or the vocal artists, Donna wants to express her gratitude for all the people who contribute to a song.

“I am legally blind but whether I was blind or not, I would still use Donna Dyson & friends’ because I deeply value every person’s gifts who work on a track. No one artist is ever completely solo”.

This song was praised by the Australian Songwriter’s Association, winning International Song of the Year in the 2019 awards. Every Part of Me is globally released through MGM and available now across all platforms.

Listen to the full interview with Donna in the audio player above.