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Former Go-Betweens Legend Set to Release Debut Solo Record

Amanda Brown, the Go-Betweens vocalist and multi-instrumentalist will release 'Eight Guitars' after spending much of her career as a screen composer.

By 96five NetworkMonday 6 Feb 2023MusicReading Time: 3 minutes

Main Image: Lisa Businovski

Thirty-five years since The Go-Betweens’ seminal album ‘16 Lovers Lane’ captured the hearts of music fans across the globe and Australian songwriter, composer and multi- instrumentalist Amanda Brown has announced the release of her debut solo record ‘Eight Guitars’ alongside new single ‘Freedom Song’.

Due to land on Friday 03 March, ‘Eight Guitars’ is the culmination of more than two decades of work behind the scenes and see’s eight brand new solo tracks – each featuring a different guest guitarist drawn from a pool of regular collaborators and friends – coming together, marking Browns highly anticipated return to the rock music world, after stepping away to produce music for the screen.

The Go-Betweens paved the way for future Brisbane bands. From left, Amanda Brown, John Wilsteed, Grant McLennan, Lindy Morrison and Robert Forster.

In addition to rocker Kirin J Callinan, ‘Eight Guitars’ also features award winning film composer and multi-instrumentalist Damien Lane, Brisbane songwriter Danny Widdicombe, Brendan Gallagher, Bruce Reid, Shane O’Mara and Nashville-based artist Daniel Champagne.

“The songs on Eight Guitars were written over a long period of time – some are from films while others were composed during periods between screen commissions,” said Amanda Brown. “In 2020, facing the prospect of both the music and film industries shutting down due to the pandemic, the time seemed right to bring Eight Guitars to fruition.

“Ironically I wouldn’t have had the self confidence to release a solo album back when I first started recording these tracks. But now I’m a postmenopausal woman. I don’t over-analyse and just get on with it!”

The announcement of ‘Eight Guitars’ also comes with the release of the album’s first track ‘Freedom Song’; a melancholic, moving track about heartbreak, freedom and liberation, featuring Kirin J Callinan on guitar.

Co-written with director Miro Bilbrough, ‘Freedom Song’ was originally created in 2003 for ‘Floodhouse’, an Australian independent film detailing the life of a Mara, who leaves a dysfunctional bohemian family behind for a future yet to be determined. The oldest song on the record, ‘Freedom Song’ is about the universal desire to be free.

“The original recording of Freedom Song was just piano and voice, but this album version features Kirin J Callinan on guitar.”

“I met Kirin in Brisbane almost ten years ago. He coaxes otherworldly sounds from his guitar via an impressive array of pedals and is truly like no one else. I knew Kirin would bring his idiosyncratic genius to the track and I adore him.”

Before turning to composition, Amanda Brown built a noteworthy career as a multi- instrumentalist in several bands, including iconic Australian band The Go-Betweens with whom she recorded ‘Tallulah’ and ‘16 Lovers Lane’.

Outside of her own projects, Brown has also recorded and performed with a wide range of artists including REM, Silverchair, The Church and David Bridie.

In 2000, Amanda Brown began working as a composer, with her imaginative, emotional and heartfelt style affording her the ability to work across TV and movies, with credits that include the award-winning Babyteeth, Somersault and The Secrets She Keeps.