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“We Wanted to Win People to Christ” Stryper’s Michael Sweet

For almost 40 Years, Stryper have shared the gospel through their music impacting people around the world, including 96five’s Ken Green.

By Steff WillisWednesday 1 Mar 2023MusicReading Time: 2 minutes

For Michael Sweet, Stryper has always been about more than the big hair and the big notes.

The goal has always been to reach people with the truth of the gospel.

96five’s Ken Green knows this firsthand as Christian metal band Stryper were a part of his journey to faith.

“It’s not often that you get to thank your own personal John the Baptist” Ken shared with Michael Sweet during an interview.

In the late 80s a young Ken Green was living in New Zealand and playing in a glam rock metal band. When To Hell With The Devil came out, Ken recalls being blown away, even going along to meet the band at the airport when they arrived to tour.

“It blew me away how nice you were to us” Ken said.

“We went to the gig and saw you guys just rock the house down and then you shared a message and it really struck my heart.”

“That was the beginning for me to really start looking at my life and where I stood with God.” 96five’s Ken Green on the impact of Stryper

Michael was encouraged by Ken’s story and shared how that’s the reason they do what they do.

“Before Stryper, we were a rock band, singing about all the cliche typical stuff, girls, guitars, drugs and all that stuff” Michael said.

“And then we gave our lives to Christ and we decided that we’d go out and we’d inspire and help lead people to Christ.”

“To this very day, almost 40 years later, we’re still doing that.”

Stryper promotional shot

Michael Sweet (2nd from right) with Stryper in the 80s.

Stryper are touring Australia kicking off in Brisbane at the Princess Theatre on Thursday 3rd March 2023.

“We’ll give everybody what they want and expect to hear” Michael said.

“We’re going to give our all. No matter what, if we play to 10 people or to 10,000 people – doesn’t matter – we’ll go out and put on the best show possible.”

For tickets and more tour dates, check out Stryper’s website.

Feature Image: Alex Solca