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Eliza King on the Release of Crowdfunded Album ‘The Pressing In’

Brisbane singer-songwriter Eliza King creates worship music that can be used as a soundtrack for personal devotion and prayer.

By 96five Wednesday 13 Mar 202496five BreakfastMusicReading Time: 2 minutes

Bringing an album together is a challenging endeavor for any artist. Crowdfunding that album? That’s a unique challenge that Brisbane singer-songwriter Eliza King knows firsthand.

Released this month, ‘The Pressing In’ is Eliza’s debut album following several singles and collaborative projects, including Tear The Walls Down with Levi McGrath.

Studying classical piano, training as a singer, and performing from a young age, Eliza’s journey as a songwriter began with an opportunity to release a single through their church worship team in 2018. She describes her music as devotional worship songs and she’s passionate about crafting songs that are scripturally rich and explore themes of peace, healing, repentance, and intimacy with God.

96five’s Ken and Nicky from Brissy Brekky caught up with Eliza to hear about the crowdfunding process and heart behind the project.

“It was a bit of a scary thing to do at first” Eliza said.

“It took a lot of prayerful consideration, because it’s not easy to ask people for financial support. You can face a lot of self-doubt, but yeah, I really felt a strong conviction that these songs would bless people, and that the Lord would use them to bring an impact in people’s lives”.

After launching a month-long Kickstarter project, Eliza was grateful to friends, family and those she’d never met before from around the world who helped ensure she could record the 11-track album, The Pressing In.

The Pressing In is a collection of devotional tracks that explore the concept of beauty born through suffering and draw from Eliza’s own life experiences.

“The lyrics that explore when we walk through times of difficulty or are confronted with painful things, if we choose to stay close to the Lord and press in or lean into His presence, that He is always faithful to walk us through those difficulties and often even bring something really beautiful out of something that’s painful.”

To celebrate the release of The Pressing In, Eliza is performing the songs live at an album launch on Saturday 16th March at 6.30pm at Nexus Church.

“It’ll just be an amazing time to celebrate what the Lord might do with these songs and just as a thank you to people who’ve invested in it as well” Eliza said.

Eliza will share the stories and scriptures behind the music and will be joined by Ben Potter, opening the show and featuring ont he night as well as the album’s producer Brett Shaw, and artist Kate Gurren. Attendees will enjoy early access to exclusive merch available for purchase at the event. Tickets and more information are available at elizakingmusic.com.

The Pressing In is out now.

Listen to the full interview in the player above.