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Rend Collective Wax Lyrical on New Podcast

Gareth Gilkeson and Chris Llewellyn peel back the covers on a bunch of slightly taboo topics on 'Where's the Joy in That?'

By Justin RouillonThursday 1 Jul 2021PodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

There’s only one thing I like more than a Belfast accent and that’s a Belfast sense of humour. 

Rend Collective have taken the worship world by storm with their mix of folk, rock and traditional influences.  I first fell in love with their music when I discovered their debut record ‘Organic Family Hymnal’ back in 2010.

Over the past decade they’ve gone from strength to strength in their music, and pre-COVID travelled the globe, and in particular playing to packed venues across the United States.

They’ve released albums including an album of very cool kids music, written books and written some of the most articulate worship music of our time.

Despite that success they’ve retained that lovely down to earth nature that seems to be so prevalent with the Irish.

Chris Llewellyn on stage with Rend Collective.

Earlier this year Gareth (drums/vocals) and Chris (vocals/guitar) have extended their repertoire with the release of the ‘Where’s the Joy in That?’ podcast, with the pair chatting candidly about some of the topics that can be a little taboo within church settings.

Sex, alcohol, politics, progressives vs conservatives – it’s all on the agenda and tackled from a uniquely Irish perspective.  It’s such a breath of fresh air, especially considering the dogmatic responses some of these topics can traditionally attract.

Did I mention these guys are funny?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was recorded in the pub, such is the cheeky nature of the conversation between Gareth and Chris!

‘Where’s the Joy in That?’ is available now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.